– Handles 3/8” to 1” surfaces
– TLG is packaged with securing/locking wings in activated mode
– Watch the brief Website Animation/Video before installation


  1. Remove and use the front side of cap as a template to outline opening. Use a hole saw 2 3/8” drill bit or a drywall type saw, make opening in surface
  2. Turn tube counter clockwise and rotate wings inside collar to non-activated mode. Important! Position tube 1/4” into top of collar and pressing against notches in wings. Top of collar should be just below first notch in tube threads. This prevents tube separating from collar during next Step (3)
  3. Insert TLG into opening, press and hold tube lip against surface. Insert finger into tube and push wings outward until you feel clicking into activated mode
  4. Slowly pull tube using light force, until collar top is 1/4” into opening and wing tops are touching back of surface
  5. Turn tube clockwise using light pulling force, until tube lip is almost secured against surface and use two tube inner finger tabs for final few locking turns
  6. Pass wires/cables through TLG. Press cap on tube


Note: To relocate TLG in the future, remove tube cap and wires/cables. Using two tube inner finger tabs and tube lip, pull and turn tube counter clockwise as wings retract and TLG exits surface. If not exited, collar may be wedged in a slightly tight surface opening. Note, when the collar top touches the first thread notch, 2 full turns remain before collar and tube will separate and 1/2 turn after second notch, which is an alert. Just increase pulling force without turning tube, until TLG exits.

Disclaimer: JBL Products, Inc. warrants TLG product against defects in material or workmanship and disclaims any liability in damages or losses resulting from use or misuse of product. Run only “In-Wall” use power cords through this product.

Manufactured and packaged in the USA Patented  Twist Lock Grommet™